Google to the Rescue

January for me, like for most businesses is pretty slow because of people recovering from the holiday season.

One good thing about the type of photography that I do, it’s not highly seasonal. If you read my previous post, I did headshot photos of a brand new real estate agent. As I was editing the last couple pictures, my phone rang. I didn’t recognize the name or number. I picked up the phone and it was a gentleman inquiring about doing a headshot, the process and how he needed the photo ASAP. I told him my process and asked where he was and how he found me. He lives a couple blocks away and he found me on Google.

Fortunately for me, my schedule was open and he came the following afternoon which was a Wednesday and needed the photos for the next day to send to be sent to an insurance publication.

My newest client is an inspector for insurance companies and assesses risk for them. Anytime I take a photo that’s going to be displayed to a broad audience, it’s always exciting.

I would like to congratulate my client on being featured in the upcoming publication and thank for the business advice that he gave me.

Businessman poses for portrait