Photoshoot with Author Mathis Bailey

A lot of people say that technology and particularly social media is the decline of social interaction and society as a whole.

This post is about the exception to this rule. I opened my Instagram page and I saw that I had a DM Notification but it wasn’t from my regular contacts but the general messages. So after fumbling around to find the message, a gentleman asked me about my rates and told me that he was an author and wanted some shots to help promote his latest book. I replied and he said that he would get back to me. There have been many times where that is the end of the communication with a potential client but he actually messaged me and with a confirmed date and time.

Mathis Bailey, the client and I agreed to meet at Rosalinda Restaurant. At the time I never heard of it so I asked my foodie expert Ryan Hinkson of Eat Famous and he told me that it was a Mexican Vegan Restuarant on Richmond Street in downtown Toronto. We only had an hour to get these shots in because the restaurant was expecting customers but granted us a slot in the morning before they opened.

Usually, when I do photoshoots, the client and I have a gameplan or what we’re going to do but this time, I didn’t know what to expect, what I was supposed to be shooting, what the venue looked like or even how this guy found me. Luckily, I brought my 2 Godox AD200‘s and my AD-B2 Bracket as there weren’t any plug outlets to plug my Monolights into the wall. This set up is also beneficial because it allows me to be more portable.

Man holding a glass of wine and a tray of croissants
Oh La La
Author mathis Bailey sits at a table with a glass of wine looking towards a window
Looking Towards the Future.

We pretty much got all the shots done with time to spare but I used every bit of those 60 minutes to make sure nothing was missed. As I was packing up, Mathis asked, “Do you want to know how I found you?” and that was something that I meant to ask but I was going to wait until we were leaving but he told me that a DJ named Ameer B tagged me on a photo on Instagram and they went to York University together and he liked the photo. So it goes to show that social media can work for good sometimes and I thank Ameer for crediting me on that photo or else I would’ve never had this opportunity.

Author Mathis Bailey reads his latest novel over a glass of wine
Quality Read

Check out Mathis Bailey’s latest novel Brown Sugar & Spice wherever you buy your books.

Brown Sugar & Spice novel by Mathis Bailey
In Stores Now


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