Winter Engagement Photo Shoot

One thing I could never figure out in photography is photographing snow. I’ve always been fascinated by photos taken in the winter with fresh snow falling almost giving a snow globe-like effect.

Recently, I had a young lady inquire about taking engagement photos of her and her fiancé. But I was thinking that she was talking about doing photos soon but, she wanted to do them in July. We had a brief conversation via email and bounced some ideas with each other. To my surprise and excitement, she thought that she wanted to try doing a winter-themed shoot.

Man sitting on bench with his fiancee leaning over him with her arms wrapped around him
Once you Found Love, Hold Onto It

I’ve never done a winter shoot before of people. It’s something I’ve always wanted to try but for one reason or another, it’s never happened. Another exciting thing for me was, there was snow in the forecast on the day of the scheduled shoot. When I woke up in the morning the snow was falling. Big, fluffy flakes falling ever so gently. It looked perfect for the afternoon. However as the day went on, the snow started to ease up and by the time of our shoot, there was no more snow falling. I also forgot my light modifier for my Godox ADB2 which was unfortunate but the show must go on. I did get some unintended lens flares that came out pretty neat in some of the photos.

Being that it was below zero degrees outside, we agreed to keep the shoot short. We were done in about 30 minutes which was a pretty decent time limit. My nose was starting to run and despite having gloves on, my hands were starting to feel cold. But I like to thank the lovely couple for their time and braving it out in the cold weather.

Photoshoot with Author Mathis Bailey

A lot of people say that technology and particularly social media is the decline of social interaction and society as a whole.

This post is about the exception to this rule. I opened my Instagram page and I saw that I had a DM Notification but it wasn’t from my regular contacts but the general messages. So after fumbling around to find the message, a gentleman asked me about my rates and told me that he was an author and wanted some shots to help promote his latest book. I replied and he said that he would get back to me. There have been many times where that is the end of the communication with a potential client but he actually messaged me and with a confirmed date and time.

Mathis Bailey, the client and I agreed to meet at Rosalinda Restaurant. At the time I never heard of it so I asked my foodie expert Ryan Hinkson of Eat Famous and he told me that it was a Mexican Vegan Restuarant on Richmond Street in downtown Toronto. We only had an hour to get these shots in because the restaurant was expecting customers but granted us a slot in the morning before they opened.

Usually, when I do photoshoots, the client and I have a gameplan or what we’re going to do but this time, I didn’t know what to expect, what I was supposed to be shooting, what the venue looked like or even how this guy found me. Luckily, I brought my 2 Godox AD200‘s and my AD-B2 Bracket as there weren’t any plug outlets to plug my Monolights into the wall. This set up is also beneficial because it allows me to be more portable.

Man holding a glass of wine and a tray of croissants
Oh La La
Author mathis Bailey sits at a table with a glass of wine looking towards a window
Looking Towards the Future.

We pretty much got all the shots done with time to spare but I used every bit of those 60 minutes to make sure nothing was missed. As I was packing up, Mathis asked, “Do you want to know how I found you?” and that was something that I meant to ask but I was going to wait until we were leaving but he told me that a DJ named Ameer B tagged me on a photo on Instagram and they went to York University together and he liked the photo. So it goes to show that social media can work for good sometimes and I thank Ameer for crediting me on that photo or else I would’ve never had this opportunity.

Author Mathis Bailey reads his latest novel over a glass of wine
Quality Read

Check out Mathis Bailey’s latest novel Brown Sugar & Spice wherever you buy your books.

Brown Sugar & Spice novel by Mathis Bailey
In Stores Now


Happy Lohri

This new year I’ve realized that there has been a slight increase in potential client inquiries. I’m very thankful for new people contacting me via google and social media, I just wish I knew how exactly they find me online so I can further develop engagement.

With that being said, I received a call from a gentleman that wanted me to cover an event for his grandson. The event was called a Lohri. I wasn’t aware of Lohri celebrations at the time so I asked him for the spelling so I can do some research. Thankfully for me, the gentleman sent me some links on YouTube to give me an idea of what to expect. A couple of the videos that I saw involved guests dancing around a fire. This event was taking place in a restaurant so I was pretty certain that the fire was inapplicable to this event although it would’ve created spectacular photos.

Another thing that I’ve been noticing the last couple of months is the increase in requests for videos as well as still photography. This client wanted photos as well as video. Video is not my speciality, but I think I’m going to have to practice.Toronto-Lohri-Degrey Photography-6Toronto-Lohri-Degrey Photography-7Toronto-Lohri-Degrey PhotographyToronto-Lohri-Degrey Photography-3

When I was on the phone and the gentleman mentioned Lohri and I had to ask him to spell it so I could look it up on Google. I found out that Lohri is a Punjabi winter festival primarily celebrated by Sikhs and Hindus. They celebrate with song and dance as well as a bonfire. But factoring in our climate and the venue being indoors, the bonfire wasn’t feasible for safety reasons.

The celebration took place at Tandoori Flame in Brampton, ON which is an Indian buffet-style restaurant. The open-air kitchen is a great feature. You could see the chefs cooking the food in front of you.

As people were finishing their meals, there were some amazing traditional dancers. For myself personally, I was intrigued by the mix of traditional Indian music with western hip hop music. Some songs that they danced to had a fusion of Indian songs with hip hop beats.

Two men in blue and white traditional Punjabi costume
Dance Routine
Toronto-Lohri-Degrey Photography-5

Considering that I had to travel across the city in a snowstorm, it was a pretty good experience and something to add to the resume.

4 adults and baby pose for a family photo
Parents and Grandparents