Family Ties

Recently, I went on a trip to the United Kingdom to visit my brother and his children. I’ll post about that in the future. I was tying up some last minute things before my friend Veron was picking me up to take me to Pearson International Airport. There was a set of wedding photos that I had to send in the mail because I didn’t have enough time to deliver the photos personally. I was also sent some photos from an event that I covered a couple of days prior.

As I was working on my computer, I received an email asking about headshots. So I responded and thought the name looked familiar but I wasn’t really concerned. I told the potential client that I was going to England today and leavingĀ in about 90 minutes and returning in 10 days. He replied telling me that he needed a photo to present by the end of that week. He also told me that I did a business headshot of his mother, Petra a couple of years ago. THAT’S where I knew the name from. However, he wanted to come that day. I really didn’t have time as I was getting ready to leave the country. Not only that, but he didn’t have a tie on him so I had to run and grab a few that might match his shirt.

As he arrived, I brought him straight to the studio and turned my lights on. While I decided to make a minor adjustment to my hair light, my flash accidentally fell and went into pieces. Fortunately, there was no damage but it was nerve-wracking nonetheless.

We got the shots in and due to the time constraints, I told him that I was only able to edit two photos and do the remainder when I return. I edited the two pictures with about 20 minutes to spare and got to the airport on time. Thank goodness.

He means business