Family Day Photo shoot

3 generations of family members
Family Affair

This past Family Day weekend, I had plans to catch up on things that I wasn’t able to do while I was away in Kingston. I had some administrative stuff to take care of, I also had some clients to follow up with as well as edit some family portraits.

So just as I was about to start my day and my phone started ringing from a number that I didn’t recognize. I said hello and the person on the other end asked if I do family portraits, I said yes and he replied: “Ok I’ll come now”. I jumped up like “whoa hold on”. I work by appointments so a person saying they were coming to my house with their family in 5 minutes freaked me out. My batteries need to charge and my studio wasn’t set up to do a family portrait.

Father with his 3 daughters and son
Proud Papa

We agreed to meet in a half hour so I can set up the studio and charge my batteries. Ten minutes later, my doorbell rings and it was the man on the phone that said he would come in 30 minutes. He waited while I finished setting up.

Despite the impromptu plans for this shoot, the family were great to work with. There were four adults and four kids. Usually, there are challenges photographing children especially babies but I was fortunate not to have any issues with these kids.

Degrey Photography-family portrait-sikh-generations-3
Big sister protecting the baby brother

Once again I have to thank Google and Google Maps for the Mann family finding me organically. It’s always a blessing for me to have new clients find me online and I have no prior relationship or connection to them. So there was an unexpected turn to my Family Day but it turned out for the better.